Javier Olleros

The Chef

Javi Olleros studied Cooking at the Public Catering School of Santiago de Compostela.Hebelongs to a family of hotel and catering tradition in O Grove. He inherited the profession from his father, who was an emigrated chef in Switzerland, and the skill of his mother. His parents were the owners of the Hotel Mar Atlántico in O Grove.

During the four months that the hotel was closed, Javi took the opportunity to do several internships in the kitchens of restaurants here and there. He worked in the Casa Solla and Toñi Vicente restaurants, side by side with the chef Sergi Arolain La Broche (Madrid), with Martín Berasategui, in Bica do Sapato (Lisboa), Balzac (Madrid), Zallo Barri (Gernika), and ended his internships in the world of Seiji Yamamoto (Tokio).

Olleros had been trying to start something for four years until he set up his own restaurant: Culler de Pau.