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Casa Solla - The Restaurant

Only two reasons can explain why in such a short period of time Pepa Solla has become so well established in the cooking business: because it is in her blood and because as time went by she strived for perfection in her personal maturation. Likewise, in addition to her interest in the progression of the Galician cuisine (which was inherited from her parents’ traditionalism), the offspring who started as a wine waitress had a good hand (and mind) for well combined and made cooking, which was reserved only for the chosen ones.As her commitment to the cause happens to be above any reasonable greed, she offers her customers a place of masterful finishings and generous space, both in the minimalist and stylish dining area and the sitting room… comfortably with your appetizer or after lunch. The generous maturity.


  • Room: There are 9 tables in a unique space that joins together kitchen, dining and sitting areas with a contemporary design under the shelter of a classic and traditional Galician building.
  • Additional services: several stately houses to hold weddings and all kinds of social events.    
  • Catering